A novel in vivo procedure for volumetric flow measurements.


We report on a novel procedure for invasive volumetric blood flow measurements using a commercially available Doppler flow wire system, which could, until now, only measure flow velocity. We here describe a method applicable in vivo to generate both velocity and cross-sectional area information from the same pulsed-wave Doppler signal for volumetric flow assessment. We demonstrate its feasibility and validation in vivo in pig coronary arteries. Our Doppler-derived volumetric flow measurements were compared with the respective transit-time flow and showed an excellent correlation (r = 0.969; p < 0.0001). Agreement between transit-time and Doppler-derived flow measurements could be observed for flow conditions ranging from 30 to 180 mL/min. The mean values for the two methods were 71.4 +/- 43.7 mL/min and 71.3 +/- 42.2 mL/min, respectively. We conclude that this technique might possibly be introduced into future clinical practice as an invasive procedure of choice for the assessment of volumetric blood flow.


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