[Aspergilloma of the sphenoid sinus with aspergillus meningitis (author's transl)].


A man of 74 years of age, suffering from a left-sided ophthalmoplegia and a radiologically detected opacification of the sphenoid sinus with destruction of the bony roof of the sphenoid sinus, was operated on because a malignant tumor was suspected. A destruction of the bony walls of the sphenoid sinus was found. The histological examination of the "glue"-like "tumorous" material revealed an aspergillosis. The patient developed an aspesrgillus meningitis postoperatively. Intrathecally administered Amphotericin B led to an improvement of the meningitis, but caused a fatal renal failure. A review of the literature showed that only 7 cases of aspergillosis of the sphenoid sinus have been reported, 3 of which presented with a tumor-like destruction of the sinus. An aspergilloma of the sphenoid sinus is therefore a rare but important differential diagnosis in patients with a suspected malignancy of the infrasellar region.


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